Thursday, June 1, 2023


Investors look outside US after dominant market era

Investors including Blackstone see rising international stock opportunity

Calpers eyes PE; institutional allocators still hot on private assets

Higher rates and falling valuations are not putting some of the biggest US allocators off PE

Does ChatGPT herald a new AI era for hedge funds?

AI is nothing new for hedge fund industry, but research uptake is increasing

Multi-strats dominate investment headcount of elite hedge funds

Multi-strats have a tenth more staff in investment roles compared to rest of industry elite

Power List: Top hedge fund manager hubs

America dominates, with five states among the six biggest hubs globally

Succession drama grips hedge fund power players

Bridgewater and Millennium see changes in senior ranks

Multi-strategy hedge fund power list 2023

Multi-strat operators grow in prominence, with 15% of assets among $10bn-plus hedge fund managers using this approach

European hedge fund power list: $10bn+ rankings

Man Group tops sub-list of European hedge fund managers

Griffin v Ackman: The hedge fund fissure over bailouts

Contrasting view over Silicon Valley Bank intervention sets up key 2023 debate

SVB collapse: Hedge funds short banks, venture cap faces reckoning

Reckoning for venture capital, hedge funds see opportunity

Hedge fund activists start year on form and in the headlines

Strategy tipped to outperform in 2023

Convertible arbitrage high on agenda in 2023

Assets have doubled since 2018, with strong start to 2023


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