Tuesday, January 31, 2023


Episode 13: Salvatore Cordaro and Lionel Erdely, Investcorp-Tages

Allocator makes the case for hedge fund investment after volatile 2022

Episode 12: Anthony Todd, Aspect Capital CEO

Aspect marked 25 years with gains as CTAs prospered in macro turmoil

Episode 11: Pia-Ramona Wojtinnek, GSA Capital’s head of strategy

Wojtinnek discussed her journey into quantitative finance and GSA's own change in strategy

Episode 10: CFM chairman Jean-Philippe Bouchaud

Bouchaud shares insights on the science behind systematic

Episode 9: Stuart Fiertz, Cheyne Capital

Fiertz discusses Cheyne's move from hedge fund to private credit

Episode 8: HITE Hedge on trading turbulent energy markets

Hedge funds can contribute to the climate transition, argues US firm

Episode 7: Courtney Birnbaum, Corbin Capital Partners

$8.3bn allocator takes direct approach to ESG and diversity

Episode 6: Anthony Scaramucci, SkyBridge Capital

SkyBridge founder on move to crypto, FTX and future for hedge funds

Episode 5: Renaissance veteran and venture capitalist David Magerman

Magerman helped found the equities trading group at Jim Simons' firm

Episode 4: Macro manager Eric Lonergan’s ‘manifesto’ for Extinction Rebellion

How to turbocharge decarbonisation in practical terms

Episode 3: Patrick Ghali on performance; Ludovica Brignola on Dubai debate

Diversification has been important despite negative HF headlines.

Episode 2: Sebastian Mallaby on Tiger Global, tech meltdown and macro opportunities

Author explores future for hedge and venture industries.


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