Wednesday, June 12, 2024

Episode 18: Alex Band of Partners Capital on building client portfolios

  • Alex Band gives his take on the asset allocation outlook across private and public markets.
  • Says private credit a “multi-year opportunity” and life sciences a key interest area in public markets.
  • Listen to the interview at the links below and read five takeaways here.

Alex Band, partner and CIO at Partners Capital in Boston, an outsourced investment office for endowments, foundations and family offices, appeared in episode 18 of the AFI podcast.

Listening guide
1:55 mins – Alex Band’s introduction to Partners Capital
3:21 – Big-picture current market view
5:48 – What will propel next era of returns?
6:39 – What are clients saying at the moment?
9:04 – Public market and hedge fund objectives
12:40 – Views on cash
14:40 – Views on private equity
19:20 – Private debt opportunity
23:10 – LP client questions about private markets?
25:27 – Sustainability
27:50 – Priorities going forward

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