Wednesday, June 12, 2024

Investors look outside US after dominant market era

Japan is one of the stock markets in favour, with equities at a 33-year high and Capstone Investment Advisors among firms looking to deploy more risk.

  • Investors including Blackstone see rising international stock opportunity. Japan proves popular with Nikkei hitting a 33-year high and Capstone allocating a record amount of risk capital.
  • Liad Meidar, managing partner at Gatemore Capital Management, meanwhile thinks UK equities look cheap and predicts “the Great British Buyout”.
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American stock market dominance, powered by a handful of technology stocks, has been a defining financial theme in recent years.

Now, the mood music has changed. The new era of higher rates, a weakening dollar and improving opportunity set elsewhere means investors — in the US and beyond — are looking internationally.

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