Monday, May 27, 2024

Latest updates on Odey overhaul as PMs depart

Photo by Anthony DELANOIX on Unsplash

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The overhaul at Odey Asset Management is nearing completion with several key managers having now moved to other London firms.

James Hanbury and Jamie Grimston and their Brook funds, which were the largest part of the Odey range, have moved to Lancaster Investment Management.

Two funds have closed, the LF Odey Portfolio Fund and the Brook Global Emerging Markets Fund, while a third, the Odey Swan Fund, is in the process of closing.

Other confirmed departures include:

  • Geoffrey Marson and the Odey Opportunity Fund have moved to Cannacord Genuity.
  • Oliver Kelton and his funds have moved to S.W. Mitchell Capital.
  • Adrian Courtenay and the Odey Special Situations Fund have moved to Green-Ash Partners.

The firm’s wealth unit, Odey Wealth Management, is also winding down, according to a statement from the FCA.

The moves form the latest part of the overhaul at Odey Asset Management, which has seen fund managers leave and re-house their funds with other London firms in the wake of conduct allegations against founder Crispin Odey.