Sunday, June 4, 2023


David Einhorn on the future of value investing

Einhorn highlights “extraordinary” opportunity despite disappointing returns in value last decade

March crisis showed illiquidity risk to CTAs in alt markets: CFM

"Our instinct has been to be wary of illiquidity," says $10bn firm

Investors look outside US after dominant market era

Investors including Blackstone see rising international stock opportunity

Steve Cohen, Marc Lasry see US rates falling

Cohen “of the belief that interest rates are going to go lower”; Lasry sees a fall within six months

Does ChatGPT herald a new AI era for hedge funds?

AI is nothing new for hedge fund industry, but research uptake is increasing

Marc Rubinstein on hedge fund launches, pod-shops and the Power List: 5 takeaways

Rubinstein on how long/short equity has changed, the rise of pod-shops and the launch environment today

Short-sellers make $4bn from Tesla slump in April

Comes in week Hindenburg Research unveils new campaign against activist Icahn

FX gains drive trend-following comeback in April

Sector comeback in April after heavy losses in March

Transtrend rebounds in April after record loss in March

Big gain in April follows worst month since strategy formed in 1992

Man Group’s alts range attracts $1.6bn net inflows in Q1

Inflows a positive sign for industry despite hedge fund losses in March.


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