Saturday, April 20, 2024

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Man Group performance gains outweigh outflows in Q1

AHL products surge but firm sees net outflows of $3.2bn from alternative products

Watch out for hedge fund crowding risk, says Man Group’s external alpha head

Singleton advises allocators be wary of excessive leverage and sees benefit in keeping exposures liquid

Allocators should scrutinise ‘costly’ platform fund dynamics, says UBP

When investing in platforms, investors need to be aware of the interplay between costs and performance and also consider how such platforms , says UBP

Hedge fund launch numbers fall in Q4: HFR

But year-on-year numbers grow, with multi-strat background of many planned ventures catching the eye...

Cocoa surge helps trend-followers complete stellar Q1

March gains complete a strong Q1 for managed futures space

Long/short equity draws first inflows in almost two years

Possible turning point for beleaguered strategy

Hedge funds beat soaring equity markets

Early signal of a renewed alpha proposition in the post-pandemic era of higher rates

Goldman raises $700m for new fund investing in hedge and private credit

Union Bridge Partners I vehicle which will invest alongside hedge fund and private credit managers

Credit hedge funds top Goldman Sachs survey for second year

44% of global allocators plan to increase credit hedge fund exposure and just 3% cut

Exclusive interview: Winton co-CIOs on 2024 outlook and research focus

Winton sees opportunity for its long-running CTA product and a “multi-strategy” offering fed by new research ideas.

Distressed credit defies wider hedge fund outflow

A net $14.3bn removed from hedge funds in January

Ex-Millennium and Man PM’s Katamaran Fund joins Brummer platform

Priya Kodeeswaran's consumer durables and technology-focused strategy


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