Wednesday, June 12, 2024

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AFI has fund managers, allocators and service providers among its subscribers, benefiting from our exclusive intelligence and insight into the hedge fund industry and other areas of alternative investments.

❱ Executive search firms use our decision-makers tracker to stay on top of senior industry moves.
❱ Service providers across different sectors scout opportunities by monitoring launch and closure activity using our rolling tracker and quarterly reports.
❱ Our Power List ranking of $10bn+ hedge funds provides managers with insight into the competitive environment; allocators and service providers get insight on areas of industry growth and potential opportunities.
❱ Dedicated sections on multi-strategy hedge funds, industry performance and investor flows provide unparalleled industry intelligence.

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“AFI is fast becoming the benchmark for serious alternative investment discussions. Great interviews and up-to-date market topics.”

Roberto Botero, Sciens Capital Management

“Really insightful articles and interviews on the podcast. I like the way Will converts the podcast interviews into five key takeaways which can be easily consumed on the site.” 

Phill Chapple, Monterone Partners

“For several months now I have been reading Alternative Fund Insight, the new publication for hedge funds and private markets set up last year by veteran hedge fund journalist Will Wainewright. It is a great daily resource for industry news, sector updates and Will has an impressive line-up in podcast interviews with the biggest names in hedge funds and private markets. For me, AFI fills the void left by the loss of trade publications such as HFMWeek and Hedge Fund Review in their heyday.”

Henrietta Hirst, communications consultant